Pilates Teacher Training Coming 2019/2020!
Pilates Blast is proud to offer Pilates Sports Center Teacher Training program, an internationally recognized program that provides both a comprehensive and innovative approach to Pilates teacher training. You will learn the pilates repertoire in both classical and progressive styles side by side from PSC Master trainers Eun-Young Kim and Dani Rubin.
What makes the PSC program unique?
  •  A contemporary approach to Pilates that preserves the original technique while incorporating modern knowledge and principals
  • Comprehensive program taught at a manageable pace (not a “traffic school” type program).
  • We offer 136+ “classroom hours” to provide our students with the best support
  • Competitively priced with no hidden costs (including an extensive photographic manual)
  • Small class size for the best learning experience – 7 participants max
  • Learn to maintain, modify and perform safety servicing of the Pilates equipment
What is the format of training?
The 450+ hour program is offered in comprehensive, modular or private format. Graduates of a Comprehensive program that includes Barrels will meet the criteria for, and be prepared to take the PMA(TM) Certification Exam.
How does payment work?
Please provide payment by check payable to Pilates Blast, LLC.
OR through Venmo to @pilates-blast
2019/2020 Dates

Mondays 5:00pm-9:00pm
Thursdays 5:00pm-9:00pm

  • 10/4, 10/7 – Fundamentals
  • 10/10 – 10/28 – Mat
  • 11/11 – 11/21 – Reformer
  • 12/2-12/19 – Reformer
  • ………WINTER BREAK………
  • 1/6/2020, 1/9/2020 – Reformer
  • 1/13/2020, 1/16/2020 – Cadillac
  • …………..MLK DAY…………..
  • 1/23/2020 – 2/3/2020 – Cadillac
  • 2/6/2020 – 2/13/2020 – Chair
  • 2/20/2020 – Chair
  • ……………………..
  • 2/24/2020 – Review day
  • 3/5/2020 – Final exam
PSC Pilates Teacher Training Catalogue


Will I be ready to teach after training?
YES! PSC graduates of a Comprehensive Program will be thoroughly prepared to acquire an entry-level position as a comprehensively trained Pilates teacher – our previous graduates have enjoyed much success in a competitive industry that continues to grow.

Interested? Questions? Drop us a line!

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