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Mike M.

Pilates Blast has been transformative for me. Every class is low impact and focuses on core strength. From Megaformer, which is a total body workout, to cardio Pilates-which is literally the hardest workout I do-you can’t go wrong. I play competitive soccer still and used to have numerous muscle pulls. After making Megaformer part of my weekly routine, the injuries have gone away. On top of all this, the staff is great and Dani is the best!

Terry P.

I have tried a whole lot of exercise routines and belonged to many gyms. I do love Pilates because I feel better and look better. With Dani’s help I also don’t hurt myself by rushing through exercises. Pilates forces me to think about how my body is positioned which maximizes the workout. Although I am in my 50’s I am keeping up the good fight, for my bones, for my balance and my brain and of course want to look fabulous.

Art A.

Dani has so much experience, charm, knowledge and charisma. You will love her.

Helena H.

Dani is such an amazing inspiring teacher. Love her.

Caitie M.

Dani is an expert Pilates instructor. My body was at its strongest when I was training with her!

Liz L.

Pilates Blast is awesome. Amazing workout! Definitely challenging and at times difficult but so worth the pain and sweat. Have seen a difference in my strength and endurance in a few short weeks. Instructors are passionate and so dedicated to helping every client attain positive healthy results!

Rita C.

I am doing the Pilates Blast classes with Kathryn Bateman. At first I was worried about my age (72) and some medical problems (total knee replacement) but with her wonderful training and her constant concern of my well being, I am not only enjoying the classes but feel great after each class. I am totally hooked on Pilates Blast!!!
Watch our video that describes all the things we offer and check out our awesome and talented team below.
Watch this video to learn all about the Megaformer before you walk into the studio!
Dani R.
ABOUT ME Dani brings Pilates Blast, the Megaformer™/ Lagree Fitness™ method to Monmouth County. For over a decade, she has had the opportunity to bring the benefits of Pilates to hundreds of students from LA to NYC. She discovered the profound effects of Pilates after suffering a near career ending back injury dancing with the Radio City Rockettes. Her rehabilitation included daily Pilates classes which not only eliminated her back pain through strengthening, but also transformed her body and core unlike any other exercise she had ever experienced. Inspired by these results Dani knew she discovered her next passion. Motivated by her students dedicated to improving their overall fitness health, it is easy for Dani to love her work. She applies her extensive knowledge of the body, her descriptive, motivational cueing, and years of Pilates experience to this new, cutting edge, future of fitness. “The best part of my job…being a part of people feeling really good about themselves!” TRAINING – Lagree Fitness™/ Megaformer™, Burbank CA – Pilates Sports Center, Los Angeles, CA. Master Trainer certifying Pilates instructors – Center Studio, Dynamic Conditioning/ Rehabilitation teacher training program – Polestar Pilates, Neuromuscular Education – Mt Sinai, Functional Anatomy Workshop for Movement and Conditioning – Extensive ballet and dance training from youth-professional
Eun-Young T.
ABOUT ME Eun Young is a PMA® certified pilates teacher who has been working in the fitness industry since 2007. Eun-Young turned to pilates in early 2007 following the birth of her first child as a way of rehabilitating her core, regaining strength and body awareness. Inspired by the tailored and specific exercise programming she received from experienced pilates professionals herself, Eun-Young decided to turn away from her previous career in accountancy. She continues to diligently apply herself to deepening her knowledge of functional anatomy and the pilates method and has worked with a wide range of speciality populations as well as clients with injuries. The pilates method’s unique way of equally challenging the mind and body and the many facets of physical well being (balance, flexibility, strength, coordination to name a few) keeps Eun-Young engaged and committed to bringing the method to her clients. TRAINING – PMA® Certified PIlates teacher (education received through Core Pilates NYC®) – ACE certified Personal Trainer and group exercise instructor – AADP certified Holistic Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) – Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries (FAMI) workshop completion, Mt Sinai – Certified Xtend Barre™ Instructor – Certified Bella Bellies® pre & postnatal specialist
Victoria M.
ABOUT ME Graduate school drove Victoria to begin Pilates as a stress reliever and her curious and competitive spirit inspired her to embark on this “passion project” after being introduced to Lagree Fitness in 2013. She shares the commitment, self-determination and discipline she gained through her life-long athletic training with all of her clients. Each class is thoughtfully crafted and focuses on slow, precise movements and fast transitions alongside some killer beats. She believes the “mind/body connection” is paramount and attaches meaning to each movement. She loves helping others transform their bodies and promises each extra long hold will be well worth it in the long run. TRAINING – Lagree Fitness Certified Instructor – TRX Certified Instructor – Pilates Certification from the Kane School of Core Integration – Coursework includes: Core Anatomy, Pilates Principles, Mat Pilates – All Levels- Reformer Choreography – All Levels-Cadillac Choreography, All Levels- Wunda Chair Choreography – Basic Ladder Barrel Choreography – Biomechanics, Touch, Special Populations and Advanced Teaching Techniques
Ardis O.
ABOUT ME Ardis is a former Elite Gymnast, and a Silver Medalist at the USGF Elite National Championships at 16 years old. A broken vertebrae ended her competitive Gymnastics career in High School, leading her to take up competitive Diving. In a matter of weeks, she medalled at the New Jersey State Championships and earned a Division 1 Scholarship to compete for University of Maryland After competing at Maryland, Ardis returned to teaching and coaching Gymnastics at Barnstormers in Rumson, and her back began hurting again. Four children and Three back surgeries later (including a Double-Spinal Fusion), her surgeon suggested Pilates for rehabilitation, and she has been hooked since. Ardis’ attention to form, precision, and in-class instruction, along with her gentle style, will set the beginner at ease and challenge the most experienced athlete. She makes new routines daily, as she seeks to provide each class member with their best possible workout based on their individual strengths and needs. TRAINING -BalancedBody Pilates Certification -United States Gymnastics Federation Coaching Certification -Former Division 1 Athlete
Kirsten H.
ABOUT ME As a manager for lululemon athletica and being in the fitness world, Kirsten has tried almost every workout there is. It wasn’t until she was recovering from a broken foot that she found and fell in love with Pilates. She needed an intense, total body workout that was low to no impact. The megaformerTM offered something that she couldn’t find anywhere else and after just a few classes she was hooked for life. Don’t be fooled by her quiet persona, her workouts are loud and hard! TRAINING – Lagree Fitness Certified Instructor
Malia S.
ABOUT ME Malia began taking Megaformer classes in 2015 after searching for an intense workout that offered variety. A long-distance runner for ten years, Malia needed exercise that was no-impact. She loved that Pilates Blast and the megaformer provided the intensity and individual attention to help improve her form, strengthen her core and stay active with a busy schedule. The diverse activities offered was a definite bonus. A children’s therapist by day, Malia wants all her clients, young and old to be well both mentally and physically and becoming a fitness instructor is simply an extension of this wish for others. Expect Malia’s classes to be tough but inclusive. We were all beginners at one time! TRAINING -Lagree Fitness Certified Instructor
Kristin M.
ABOUT ME Kristin began her passion for fitness in gymnastics at a young age becoming the all-around Oklahoma State Champion. After leaving gymnastics she continued her fitness through dance. Classically trained, she set out to widen her repertoire through musical theater, performing in many well-known shows with her longest run at Radio City Music Hall as a Rockette and eventually as their captain for over 5 years. She’s traveled the world with dance companies, theatre productions as well as featured in numerous commercials and national advertising campaigns. Once leaving the industry to pursue another career in luxury goods, she worked with W Magazine and then transitioned to Roberto Coin to become the VP of Advertising and Marketing. She now resides in Rumson, NJ with her husband, where she is a busy mom of four. With over 20 years of athletic training and performing experience, Kristin uses her high energy to create a sense of focus that pushes people to reach goals they never thought possible. She values the opportunity to enhance the virtue of a fit mind, body and spirit! TRAINING – Lagree FitnessTM MegaformerTM – Nesta Group Fitness – Pilates Sports Center Certification – ​BFA
Missy B.
ABOUT ME Missy fell in love with Megaformer from her first class and it wasn’t long until she worked her way onto the PB schedule. This former dancer may not eat scrambled eggs (she’s a self-proclaimed “casual vegan”) but it’s her very favorite mega move. Expect fun playlists ranging from cool covers to 90s hip hop in her class. When Missy’s not teaching at PB, you can find her managing at lululemon Shrewsbury or running the boards in Asbury Park.
Eric S.
ABOUT ME At his first glance of the Megaformer machine, Eric could not believe what he had just signed up for. However, within his first few minutes of class, he felt encouraged, strong, valued and challenged. He was quickly hooked on Megaformer and the environment that Pilates Blast provided. As an indoor cycling instructor and aspiring dentist, Eric brings high energy, exciting beats, and a strong understanding of human anatomy and physiology to the Megaformer studio. Eric’s passion for small-group fitness and a positive training environment is clear from the moment you step into the room. Expect to feel welcomed and motivated to try new things in his classes.
Laura M.
ABOUT ME During Laura’s years working as a model at Ford, Wilhelmina, and currently at NY Model Management it’s been vital to maintain a disciplined diet and exercise regimen. Growing up in Lithuania, as a competitive long distance runner and up-and-coming model, she always knew that a healthy lifestyle was essential. The culmination of these experiences has developed into her newest endeavor—fitness training. Today as a wife and mother of three children this can be challenging, but she’s developed a balanced routine that works for her busy lifestyle. More recently she’s focused her knowledge and expertise on fitness by obtaining my NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) license, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialization (CES), and was trained by Pilates Blast to teach Megaformer. She looks forward to the opportunity to work with you and to pass on along some of the experiences that have worked for her!
Lindsay D.


Coming soon.


Dana R.
ABOUT ME A former athlete , Dana turned to the megaformerTM after years of bulking and lifting – after a few months on the machine of much needed lengthening and toning she claims all 5’1 of her grew an inch. Fine detail work and shaping each individual muscle is Dana’s specialty focusing on finding your center – through balance, flexibility and core stability her classes consists of holding, pulsing and more holding which will leave you feeling long, lean and strong! TRAINING – Lagree Fitness Certified Instructor
Amanda F.


Coming soon.

Jenny S.


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Samantha B.


Sam first fell in love with the benefits of Pilates while studying dance in New York City. After college she continued using Pilates and fitness to keep up with her busy lifestyle working full time at MTV while dancing professional for the New Jersey Devils dance team.

After leaving NYC, Sam continued with dance as a teacher and wanted to further her training by becoming a certified Pilates instructor. She believes that Pilates is not just a great workout but that the practice of finding the mind/body connection is beneficial to all populations from young adults to professional athletes.


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